Qatar : The Cheapest Country To Visit

If you have not visited Qatar in the past few years, you would be amazed by the number of attractions and landmarks that will capture your attention. Visitors can spend their entire vacation in Qatar and see firsthand the gorgeous landscapes and the great contrasts between them.

The first thing that will catch your eye is the capital city Doha and the stunning Road Race. This is one of the most important events in the world because it is the venue for the World Cup. There are so many companies that will offer various services for your accommodation.

You can find a hotel near the Red Sea Coast in Doha. It will offer the best of services, such as beachfront rooms with views of the ocean and a beautiful view. The Doha airport is a hub for travel and can also be a stop on your journey. Many hotels near the airport provide good service and ensure that the traveler’s stay is comfortable.

Doha is considered the city center of Qatar. The skyscrapers in the city have been designed in a style that makes it stand out from the rest of the cities. It has an extraordinary amount of cultural events and shows that will keep you busy for a long time. While in Doha, be sure to check out the nightlife of the city and experience the amazing nightlife in Qatar.

Top Five Must-See Sites in Qatar

Embraced by the stunning beauty of the Persian Gulf, Qatar serves as one of the prismatic and one of the cheapest international destinations from India amongst the Arab countries. Located mainly in the coastal regions of the Arabian Peninsula, this sandy retreat has been gaining a whole lot of tourist’s attention over the last few years.

There are many other areas of Doha that can be explored in your trip. The area near the souks is the place where you can see some of the traditional and some modern artifacts. This is the heart of the ancient city of Doha and it is the place where you can see some of the historical places of Qatar.

Another marvelous sight is the Al-Wakrah Cultural Complex. Here you can see many antiquities that were created before the time of the Islamic invaders. There are several hotels in Doha that will allow you to stay at the cultural complex. It will offer you different services depending on what you are looking for what purpose you are there.

If you want to take a longer excursion tour to the beaches in Qatar, be sure to check out the Seychelles Islands Tour. This will give you a chance to explore the lush green and beautiful beaches of Seychelles.

Stay : If you are traveling in a group of 6-7 people, you can stay in this beautiful home for INR 9240
Duration : Suggested trip duration 6 Days
Activities/Things to do : Helicopter Rides, Beaches, Dune Bashing, Camel Rides, Nature Tour, Cultural Tours, Local Sightseeing
Place to Visit : Dhal Al Misfir, Doha, Ras Abrouq Natural Reserves, Khor Al Adaid Natural Reserves, Katara Cultural Village, Zubarah Fort
Air Tickets : Land at Doha Airport by taking a flight from Delhi and it could cost you as low as INR 20,990.

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