How To Make Cuddly Teddy Bear.

Make a Teddy Bear

It’s anything but difficult to sew a teddy hold on for this enjoyment and free example! Children love delicate and cuddly toys, and utilizing downy makes this bear particularly snuggly. The plan is easy to such an extent, that children can even make their very own teddy bear when they follow the instructional exercise.

rather than having loads of confounded creases, this bear design keeps it fundamental. Also, when you use wool, the texture doesn’t shred, so you can leave the crude edges uncovered outwardly.

Make one as a blessing, or make an entire sanctum loaded with teddy bears to give to a philanthropy venture!

Instruments and Supplies

1/4 yard dark colored enemy of pill wool

Piece of tan enemy of pill downy

Piece of dark or dull dim fleece felt

Sewing string

Dark weaving floss



Sewing machine

Weaving needle


Cut out the Fleece Pieces

Utilize the printed example pieces to remove every one of the pieces as recorded on the layouts, utilizing dark colored downy for the body, ears, arms, and legs.

Wool extends more one way than the other, and the heading of the stretch decides the state of the bear. In the event that you cut out the pieces with the stretch going vertically, the bear will wind up progressively tall and dainty. On the off chance that the stretch goes on a level plane, the bear will be shorter and more extensive.

Cut the gag piece from tan downy. Cut the nose and eyes from dark or dim felt.

Sew and Embroider the Face

Pin the gag close to the highest point of the front body piece and sew around the edge.

Spot the nose and eyes where you need them. They look charming and appear into well on the gag piece, however you can likewise move them up or change the separating how you like.

Line the nose and eyes with three strands of dark weaving floss, following the strategy of appliqueing felt for weaving. Weave the mouth with six strands of dark weaving floss and back join. Fasten everything through the two layers of downy.

Sew and Stuff the Ears, Arms, and Legs

With wrong sides confronting, coordinate the ear, arm, and leg pieces and sew around the sides and bended finishes. Lock line toward the start and end and leave the straight closures open.

Try not to turn the pieces, yet leave them with the correct sides out and the creases and crude edges uncovered.

Fill each piece with some stuffing.

Treat the Pieces to the Body

Lay the back body piece out with an inappropriate side up.

Pin the ears, arms, and legs in position as appeared, ensuring that the open finishes are around 1/2″ in from the edge of the body.

Season each piece set up around 1/4″ from the edge of the body.

Sew the Body and Fill With Stuffing

Pin the front of the bear set up so the edges coordinate with the back. Sew around the edge with a 1/4-inch crease recompense and leave an opening between one arm and leg. Lock line toward the start and end.

Check to ensure that every one of the pieces are safely joined in the crease and re-sew any on the off chance that they feel free.

Fill the hold on for stuffing. On the off chance that you include the stuffing in little tufts, the bear won’t look uneven.

Sew the Opening Closed

Pin the opening shut and return the bear to the sewing machine. Sew the opening shut, after a similar 1/4-inch crease recompense as in the past.

Getting the stuffed toy under the foot of the sewing machine is somewhat precarious, yet it works.

On the off chance that you’d preferably, you can likewise fasten the opening shut by hand with back line and coordinating sewing string.

Give Your Teddy Bear a Hug!

This delicate and sweet teddy bear is all prepared for certain cuddles!

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