TechResx serves the best services for website design & development, customized software development as well as their maintenance. Our quality team, work to make the best products for the customers, we are ready to change the rules and want to create a name that stands for quality.

We diligently study each customer case to understand the client’s needs and objectives, and deliver a reliable and efficient solution. We analyze all available options and provide competent advice to guide clients to informed business decisions.


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End to end support from development to deployment.

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From A to Z.


Good reasons for companies to build web applications like… Companies want to take advantage of a web based application’s flexibility and versatility, by moving away from the traditional desktop application platform to the web application platform. Companies want to gain more clients or better service their current clients by offering convenient services and solutions online.


Web Application Lifecycle is the process of developing a web application and involvement of the multiple teams that are engaged in the development process by including research to identify and define the application requirements, information analysis, architectural design and specifications blueprint, team involvement, programming, testing and bug fixing, system testing, implementation and maintenance.


Testing & deployment is an important part of the Web Application Development process. We take care of following tasks for you… Quality Assurance and Bug Testing, Application Security, Performance and Secure Deployment.

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